PVC windows

Pvc windows pageInadequate windows are responsible for 70% of the total heat loss from your home. We offer PVC windows with the lowest heat transfer coefficient on the market. Our products are a combination of functionality , durability , high technical criteria and aesthetics .

The highest class of profiles we use sets new standards in terms of durability and ease of maintenance of PVC windows. This ensures lifelong stability and prevention of deformation even with the largest windows.

They are characterized by a unique snow-white color and a permanent shine that does not fade over time. In order to give our windows an individual look and harmonize them with the appearance of your building, we offer a wide range of colors and various wood imitations. We use proven solutions from the German manufacturer Winkhaus for window fittings.

In doing so, we focus on the latest achievements in security technology, which we then combine with user-friendly usability. One of the key factors that determines the quality of every product, including windows, is the production process.

By constantly investing in machines and training our employees, we guarantee the satisfaction of each of our clients. Don't throw money out the window, contact us and choose a top product for your home with our professional staff.


Salamander system

Salamander LogoThe highest quality German PVC profiles Salamander have long since set an enviable level of technical sophistication and outstanding product quality. A distinctive feature of the Salamander system is the intense white color of high gloss combined with an attractive design that fits perfectly into objects of various purposes.

  • Environmentally friendly premium class materials with a very compact surface structure for durability and low maintenance requirements
  • The highest level of guaranteed quality, thanks to constant monitoring of the production process and compliance with the RAL guidelines of the European energy regulation
  • Continuous technological progress and emphasis on the concept of life comfort and elegance
  • Strong steel reinforcements for product stability and durability
  • Easy cleaning and guaranteed color stability - market leaders
  • A classically elegant look combined with the latest technology
  • Modern standards of durability and resistance to the most demanding weather conditions

Salamander 3D


With an exclusive rounded design, the Salamander 3D system with an installation depth of 76 mm is not only visually attractive, but also abounds with modern technical solutions. In addition to the standard two seals, PVC carpentry in the 3D version is equipped with an additional central seal, which ensures excellent thermal and sound insulation and increases security against burglary.

  • Installation depth 76 mm
  • The thickness of the outer wall is 3 mm – AAA class
  • High-quality EPDM seals
  • Wide range of colors available
  • Rounded profile with five chambers and 3 seals
  • Uf = 1,3 W/m²
  • Sound insulation up to 47 dB
  • Burglary protection up to WK 2.
  • Possible execution in combination with all types of glazing
  • 5-chamber technology with 3 triple seals provide outstanding protection against heat loss and noise penetration
  • Up to Uw = 0.99 W/m2K with glass

Salamander Streamline

Salamander 3d SustavSALAMANDER STREAMLINE systems , which come in two variants, flat and rounded, are an excellent choice for everyone who knows how to appreciate elegance and comfort. Visually attractive profiles not only make your space more comfortable, but also significantly reduce energy consumption.

The most modern PVC carpentry technology, a 5-chamber system, 76 mm deep profiles and two seals prevent the formation of thermal bridges and thus achieve optimal thermal and sound insulation. Everything you need to feel comfortable and safe. 

High resistance to dirt and adverse weather conditions additionally describe the functionality and quality of PVC joinery derived from the Salamander Streamline system.

  • The maximum stability of the galvanized steel reinforcement ensures safe operation and a long service life
  • Profile technology with a high degree of thermal insulation prevents heat loss and acts as sound insulation
  • A combination of maximum security, high heat and sound insulation
  • Sound insulation up to 47 dB
  • Burglary protection up to WK 2
  • Installation of all types of glass is possible
  • Classic elegant look
  • A wide selection of colors
  • Up to Uw = 0.99 W/m2K with glass
  • Creating new standards in the field of color durability

Salamander bluEvolution 92

Salamander Blue EvolutionSalamander bluEvolution is a system with a six-chamber structure with an installation depth of 92 mm. It is equipped with three seals, which improves the thermal and sound properties of PVC joinery. This aspect is especially appreciated by residents of large urban areas, such as Zagreb.

After closing the window, almost no outside noise reaches the interior. In addition, the profile height of only 118 mm gives the space more light. The BluEvolution 92 system is made of materials that can be recycled multiple times and is one of the most environmentally friendly systems on the market.

bluEvolution unites top technology with modern, functional design in a new generation of first-class windows. We can classify it as a window system of the future because, due to its exceptional properties, it is particularly suitable for installation in passive buildings.


  • 83 mm high frame made of 92 mm deep profile with flat wing
  • Perfection of form: a unique combination of modern technology with a classic profile shape
  • Visoki parametri klase AAA
  • The 6-chamber profile provides excellent insulation and window stability
  • Do Uw = 0,82 W/ m²K
  • Wide glazing possibilities: the possibility of using three-layer glass from 24 to 60 mm
  • Massive steel reinforcements that guarantee the unchanging shape and stability of the structure
  • A wide range of shapes and colors and modern, thin profiles
  • Leader of the sustainability trend of passive construction
  • Uf < 1 W/m²K

Standard profile colors:




Tamni HrastDark oak

Zlatni HrastGolden oak

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